Both complement one another in a just perfect manner! Enalito does everything that Shipway does not and vice versa. An e-commerce company would need Enalito to solve the above-mentioned issues whereas the shipping aspects and analytics are taken care of by Shipway, thereby providing a complete end to end solution to e-commerce companies. Enalito with it’s patent-pending BI technology helps eCommerce merchants to intelligently acquire & engage customers for their business revenue growth by personalizing the shopping experience on all digital channels. Enalito along with Shipway’s Smart order fulfillment solution ensures in delivering the best last-mile product delivery experience to consumers resulting in an End to End personalized shopping experience & to build brand loyalty to derive maximum lifetime value per customer.


As mentioned earlier, we are an AI/ML company called ‘Enalito’ started by Anand Katakwar (IIT-B, 1987 batch). We have built a product for e-commerce companies and the product takes care of Defecting Customers, Stagnant Sales, Incorrect Stock, Data Intelligence, Smart Omni Channel Campaigns, Personalization, Wasteful Digital Marketing Spend, and many more unseen & unaccounted problems. We are a one-stop solution for all tech requirements that an e-commerce company has


Shipway.in is a shipment tracking, notifications & order Reviews platform.With the help of Shipway you can keep your customers informed about their shipment deliveries across the world.

 Key Benefits of Using Shipway:

  • Reduces Customer Queries and Improves User Experience.
  • Improves the post-buying experience for both customer and the merchant.
  • Know which shipments are facing delivery problems.
  • Shipment Insights for Merchants about the shipment statuses.
  • Get Order reviews / feedback from your customers.